The IBK Adebayo
United Kingdom

Bio: I am African and proud to be!!! A Critique of everything possible and fathomable, a scholar by my standards, a Speaker, Counselor and Role model to many. Well basically I am what goes on in my head, which is the most intriguing place for any human being dead or alive to be in. I strongly adhere by the principles of being yourself and standing out in your own way to affect lives positively. People have said I am smart but I disagree, I am an opportunist and a strong positive thinker and this is what people have confused for being smart, I listen, I analyse, I CRITIQUE, and I generate my own 'brand new ideas based on whatever existed. Funny in the weirdest way possible, weird socializing skills, extreme extrovert, friendly, a good listener and friend. Well all this is who I know I am...but perceptions differ.. so who do you think I am??

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