Hello Guys,

I have gotten feedback from followers for some time now that I do not share a lot of knowledge. I am sorry! This is why I have decided to revive my blog. I will try to write more, but I will also need your help in doing this.

I understand that a lot of people are going through a lot of issues at School, Work and life in general, a lot of people have also found it hard to secure their dream jobs or get a job at all, others just have questions (“questions others think are dumb or stupid – I won’t think they are because I am Open Minded Like that”) this is why I have decided to open an email where anyone and everyone who has an issue with their Academics, Career, Self Confidence, Relationship, Business, Networking and Life Issues in general can send me an email and I would share my 2 cents with you and with God’s guidance and my range of experiences together we will overcome whatever challenges you may be going through.


I am not saying that I am perfect or that I do not have issues of my own, hell I am discovering myself daily and even learning to Love God more, this journey has been a great one for me, however I also realized that there are a lot of Teenagers, Adolescents, Young people and Adults alike going through so many things in various areas of life, things that they cannot share with their closest friends, family etc. “You wonder – why the heck then will I share it with you?”


I promise to keep your issues confidential and only share with your written permission (“You will still be kept anonymous”) after we have overcome of course.

I have come to discover that everyone needs a listening hear and with all the noise out there, there’s really not so much people who are willing to listen and give a honest opinion without wanting something in return, this is why I have decided to lend my listening hear as much as I can and be rest assured you will get a response from me.

If that is not convincing enough I would share other people’s testimonies anonymously with their permission of course, hoping that it touches somebody’s life also.

Just send in your questions and also testimonies to askibk1.0@gmail.com and you’ll be sure to get an answer to your questions as well as me sharing your testimonies so other people can get inspiration from it.

You wonder ‘WHY IBK’ I am not the most qualified life coach but God has enabled me over the years to learn a lot from my little experiences as well as the experiences of others and I am sure with the help of God and my wide range of mentors, role models and counselor friends we will overcome together.


Feel free to ask any questions at all…. Ranging from ‘What did you eat last night’ (Yeah I will answer that :D) to more complicated life issues. I would love to hear from you.

So send in your emails to askibk1.0@gmail.com and we will take it from there.





I live you with this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt






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