Been a while I tried to write a blog post……I won’t feed you with all of that BS of me trying to find myself or what not…I have just not been feeling my literary side….However my long break from writing has sort of giving me a lot more to talk about (Not like anyone is listening) but yeah it is what it is!

I have decided not to title this post anything but I’d hope it gives everyone something to think about.

Most recently I have learnt a huge lesson and I’m about to make my rant about that.

Underlying message is simple…..I am nothing without God as much as anyone might want to argue that statement. I have come this far and it took me losing in a huge manner to realise that My greatest loss would be that I don’t involve God in whatever I do, simply because he has been the one responsible for my Life and Living so far.

Taking on a task or a project has never been an issue for me as I like to challenge myself a lot to do more and achieve more, sometimes on tasks it’s pertinent to have the technical know how or what not…..but most times it’s never enough, you need a lot more…..You need the one who knows the future from the now!!

My declaration moving forward is that never again would I embark on a Major Capital Project without proper guidance from the Most High God…..The beginning and the end!!

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