Hi guys……been a while on here. Haha unbelievable yeah? it’s supposed to be my own blog. Well as usual I apologize….quality posts are the ones with the most effort put to it. I’ll be bringing to you something quite different and not as radical as my previous posts.

I’ll be doing a weird comparison between objects i picked around from my room + suggestion from bae, and the different kinds of girls a guy knows, three kind of girls actually hahaha — 😀 yeah wait for it

My Bagpack = Your Ride or Die
My Manbag = Your make me feel fly
and a box of Chocolates = Your Spend your Money on me but I don’t know why

yeah I said weird didn’t I. Read with an open mind!!

The Bagpack reminds me of that one girl that is there no matter what. Your Rose if you were Charlie sheen. The one girl you don’t feel for just as much but can go the extra mile for you.

The Manbag reminds me of that girl that you’re sure would make you look good, the one that you feel confident would draw the attention of your mates in a later conversation; that Snow white that gets everyone on the dance floor thirsting even the chics!
Finally the chocolates (which bae suggested of course) reminds me of that girl the guy is willing to go after and spend loads of money on all in all. The one that gets the candle light dinners and surprise flowers with a box of chocolate!
flow n choc
Yeah lads true isn’t it and Ladies ask yourself which you are! #foodforthought

We are all pencils in the hands of the Creator – Wale Adenuga

Hahaha 😡

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