what-is-loveI want to quickly share a thought with you all before I go to bed.

I have recently been asked my opinion on the existence of love…… people have asked to know whether or not I believe in the word love. Happy to say my answer has been consistent and also answered their questions to a reasonable level….. I think I would love to share my answer with you all my readers….

PS: This is not my everyday conventional post so don’t judge me.

Well IBK’s true meaning of Love

Thinking about the word love in defining this I would like to refer to one of the most quoted bible scriptures (don’t stop reading here even if you are not a believer) every average ‘church goer knows this one’ John 3:16a

For God so loved the world that he GAVE his only begotten son

i’ll stop there, do you notice i laid emphasis on the word ‘GAVE’ yes it was not a typo or a mistake.

Overtime people have misplaced the full meaning of the word love for feelings, butterflies in your….. heart skipping a beat or in some cases stopping completely LOL ……. a quick blush or two….. goose bumps and chills down your spine….. this is what we have come to know love to be in our amazing 21st century generation…

Please note: different people have different reactions.

I beg to differ. I do not think love is just a feeling but is a two thronged word. It is not only characterized by the feeling but also by the action generated by this feeling….. Love does not just stop at what you feel or how you feel but it should always go beyond that. The feeling of love is strong enough to let you share something of worth or value with whosoever you feel love towards. The moment you find yourself being able to ‘climb every mountain, search high and low, follow every river’ all in the name of pleasing the person you love then you can claim to love.

Make no mistake Love is not always mutual, infact in most cases the mutuality of love is very rare where mutuality is achieved then you can say true love has been attained…….however it is possible to grow into it overtime. Where you find yourself in a one sided love scenario….be prepared to get out as soon as you find out there is no reciprocation, or be prepared to have your heart broken.

and yes I believe in Love.

Closing: At the end of the day we are all slaves in the hand of emotions – Ibukun Adebayo.

9 thoughts on “Quick Thought – What I think Love is!!

  1. Love is an
    Art, an art of which makes it
    importantly an Act of will, the
    choice to commit ones life to that
    one other person…Itunu.E.A


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