Its been a while on here! sorry readers for completely ignoring you! that’s for the few readers i have left! My long absence on here was very much needed! I have been on a much needed quest to rediscovering myself and my passions! 

i’ll like to share with you guys something I have been working on and basically a newer understanding of the concept of feminism…

first and foremost i’ll like to state and be proud to be quoted anywhere

‘I am a Feminist’

Yes call it gay, or whatever derogatory statement the world is using this days but i’m sure after reading this…. you’ll agree with me that 

Everyone should be a Feminist – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


I recently stumbled on a video of one of my icons (Click this link – whom i quoted above where she emphasizes the dual genderistic nature of feminism! this got me and I have since then become a proclaimed Feminist simply because i agree that there should be equality amongst genders…. Yes Women are Humans as much as men are and should be treated just as same.


I know this coming not just from a black man but an African and Even a Nigerian from the Yoruba tribe, sounds like a tell tale but yes I agree with every feminist out there however bogus they’re ideas are.


Growing up I was introduced to a silent notion of Women’s place being in the kitchen, sad as it may be, this notion had eaten into the very grey matter that was the brain of any average Nigerian person i knew. i remember clearly a nursery rhyme i always loved singing when I was younger.

Children in the garden playing games

Daddy in the sitting room watching TV

Mummy in the kitchen cooking food.

This Rhyme seemed harmless then but looking over it now, it re-emphasized this demeaning idea or notion where every other member of the family is involved in some form of recreational activity and the mother is slaving away in the kitchen ensuring everyone is fed. It is sad to know that this was taught to our children and formed the basis for their idea of the social family structure. 

This also reflected in my own house growing up, however subtle…. all my siblings are guys as i am too…. haha! so it was just my mum for a while till we had live in relatives….however my mum was a career woman but somehow still took responsibility for the immediate household chores till I and my siblings were old enough to take responsibility


I refer back to the age of no information, when our forefathers depended on agriculture, women were taken along to the farms to work alongside they’re husbands, this was supposed to be they;re workplace but now you find derogatory statements of requiring women to stay at home while men are considered the ‘breadwinners’ I say this is arrant rubbish.

However I can not say that the concept of Female Equality and Feminism would be integrated into society instantly or even in my lifetime, as they say 

Rome was not built in a day or a 100 infact

as change is and has been, it will be gradual…. I have just decided to be part of the process and lend my voice to the many others out there and say at the top of my voice.

Yes! I am a Feminist and No! I am not a woman



8 thoughts on “Yes!!! I am A Feminist No!! I am not a Woman

  1. Gr8 stuff on ur blog…I’m a feminist too but where should we strike d balance on women being “obviously” and ‘biblically’ the weaker vessel.
    Cos some men think they don’t actually need to care as they should all cos of gender equality. In my political science class back den, I rem we got into dis argument about God and some obvious inequalities in his eminence creation and plan of the universe. Stuff like unequal riches, unequal strength due to gender or frame etc. I believe women should never be any thing they want to do, but can u imagine d premier league having women ballers as striker while Vincent kompany goes in with that hard tackle like one he would on Aguero..Now what would we call that? =D jis saying* I’m a feminist in d real sense of placing no limitations on women but I laugh when a woman declares herself as feminist just for RIGHT sake. A lot of right this days are just phony, God don’t operate with RIGHT. He gave commandments.


    1. First and foremost striking a balance is solely a task meant for every individual! Second the issue of God and his supreme decision to make all men inequal is contestable as God did not determine who becomes what but man did. Every man has to take responsibility for they’re actions and God gave man free will. The initial decisions of men from time has resulted into the inequality we see today. God intended that man be equal and from the creation story we can see that. However Man chose to gain understanding of good and evil and this decision has spiralled down into what we cal the world of today. Lastly I can’t answer your 3rd question because it is indeed very true so i would solicit the help of other readers to do this for me.

      Once again I am a Feminist and No I am not a woman!!!


  2. I understand your point of view but in a situation where most women especially our African women haven’t seen themselves as equal to men, there is little or nothing we can do to help. For instance, 80% of Nigerian women in relationships expects the man should do all spending and should handle all the finances. If this relationship finally results into marriage, the man would have already assumed the role of the breadwinner either conciously or unconciously. I agree with @funshbam, in as much as we would want to see women as equals, there are some physical and psycological limitations in women that truncates that. Very few women have risen above these limitations though.
    In conclusion, I don’t see women as the lower sex,they also musn’t see themselves as the lower sex that should always depend on a man. We can all claim to be feminists but the women we are defending must be ready to defend themselves.


    1. That’s another great observation, thank you for that. i’ll quickly like to refer back to the equality struggle of black people and racism which might seem to be quite over but is not, the black people originally didn’t see the possibility of being considered as equals but it took a few who were confident enough to speak out and believe and gradually this notion spread like a virus till a great number of people started to speak out. Society also has a part to play. In Chimamanda’s video she correctly pointed out the need to consciously educate our children both boys and girls towards the acceptance and possibility of equality and this is important. As i said gradually we shall attain the supreme goal. Might not be now or next year or 20 years infact; but i’m confident if we all accept this notion of collective feminism we will definitely see a change.


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