I know you all would be asking why I would have this on my mind this time of the year, but every good cause deserve some massive space in this crazy mind of mine.

Well its that time of the year again when the University of Leeds opens its non existing gates to another African heritage event. The Tribal Instinct Charity Fashion Show Organised by the eccentric charismatic people of the east african society, Leeds University, tagged

“Burst of Colors”


The show promises to be loads of fun as it showcases a lot from the rich tribal background of eastern africa. There is going to be Red Carpet, Paparazzi, (maybe fashion police 😀 ) dance, music, of course fashion to die for, catwalks, hot guys and ride or die sexy girls, Celebrities, designers, bling bling and click click…..oh and let’s not forget the after party has its reputation for being one of the best parties in leeds. TBH at this point….

If you are still sitting down you’re sitting on a long thing…….

Hahaha!! oh and that’s not even the punchline, all of this is for charity. To help children in east africa…..i don’t have too much info on this detail but when I do be rest assured i’ll update… but a little bird told me all of the proceeds from the show goes to the Ket Wangi Orphanage in Kenya… how cute is that…so come be a part of a worthy cause.

Come one, Come all….. oh and I forgot to mention that I’ll also be modelling… “wait for it”


So yeah that’s also something to look forward to……yes?  Nay! hahaha.

Well just Turn up and support this great people…they have put in a lot of work and deserve your presence at the events…. did I hear you ask for details?

Ok yeah its on the 29th of March (this month) 2014 at 7pm (No african time ooo) venue is the Stylus Lounge, Leeds University Union, Leeds, United Kingdom. Ticket details: Standing- 6.50 GBP Sitting: 15 GBP and VIP: 25 GBP.

Well finally if you miss it you definitely miss out. Thinker Out!

trib inst

The Promo Video is at this link

Highlights from previous shows – Get a feel of what the show would look like

and You can find the catalogue to the show on here

Tribal Instinct Catalogue

See you all there.. cheerios

we are africans

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