Hello all…. Sorry this came in late.. I know I know not a good start but then this last week was essay week…been bare busy! well i’m sure this post would be worth the wait.! Read, Reflect, Enjoy and stay inspired!

Disclaimer: The characters and scenarios in this post are of no reference to anyone living or dead or any movie shot or unshot, they are entirely a product of the author’s wildest imaginations, call him crazy but yeah they are pretty wild. haha!

OK here goes……..

I really don’t know how many of us growing up had this imagination etched behind our medulla where you picture life and the future in reference to a bright sterling white Unicorn. An emblem of perfection with no blemish, shaped by Zeus himself and touched by Athena, her horn standing out with glitters and camaraderie, or did yours involve rainbows etched perfectly across the sky, bunnies running with uncut happiness jumping up and down the rainbow with no care in the world with a true show of extreme happiness, the rainbow – the gateway to the north pole, the citadel of joy and happiness. Santa and his elves working hard away all year long at toys and gifts with the sole purpose of giving happiness to the world.


Snap out of it………sorry I was getting lost in that fantasy – Again!!  i’m sure you were toooo….its alright don’t we all!

Everyone dreamt of a perfect life filled with ‘smelling roses and drinking hot cocoa’ I know cos I did too…. mine was even a lot wilder cos my brain is uncontrollably a weird wildo! hahaha!

Well there really is nothing bad in envisioning a perfect future for your self, filled with joy and happiness, what’s bad is if you get stuck in that fantasy and still hold on to the ‘conspiracy theory’ of the existence of Unicorns and Mermaids or the fantasy of the existence of true perfection and happiness. Guess what it doesn’t exist, or does it? Its existence is as real as that of Unicorns and Santa and his elves.

The only advice I can give to each and everyone of us is…….

I truly do not have the recipe for true perfection, My own perfection lies with God – where does yours lie??

Also true happiness lies with you..and the choices you make. Life principles are simple and straight forward –

“do unto others what you wish to be done unto you”……

spread sadness you can rest assuredly expect sadness back in multiple fold, cos he that plants a seed would get back not the seed but fruits of the seed. However sow happiness, sow a smile, make someone laugh, give a compliment or two, and maybe, just maybe your pursuit of happiness would end up being the other way round and that is –

Happiness’ pursuit of you…….

Then Again these are just my words and thoughts you don’t have to accept them….. just move on to the next blog post and continue in your pursuit of, or in this case struggle for happiness! Cheerios!!!

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