imagesEveryone (that watches movies) has probably seen that break up scene in a movie where the parties go back home and start digging away at the bowl of ice cream and watching the love climax of the movie ‘dirty dancing’ ….. err okay scratch that….. not everyone watches dirty dancing, so you ask what does that have to do with a relationship…. well I am going to compare every relationship to that bowl of ice cream….

ben and jerrys

Disclaimer: This is completely my opinion and might not be the same in your own condition, by the way I am no relationship expert so why take my word for it.

Starting off with a bowl of ice cream is like every relationship hard and full of expectations…a bowl of sweet awesomeness all in one place… Life is perfect once again….and same goes for a relationship starting out it seems like a world of sweetness… an ice cream bowl load of happiness… that tingling feelings (butterflies) in your abdomen area and how your heart skips when you see the person….. yeah I know you’re wondering how you get all these feelings over a bowl of ice cream but I do! yeah yeah call me a sugar tooth, whatever but I love Ice Cream.

You start off digging into your ice cream the first few scoops are hard to bring out cos the ice cream is still frozen hard from the long process of preparation and stone cold freezer but because you really must have ice cream…. it doesn’t seem that hard anyway… you just work at it put in all your effort struggle till you finally get the scoop out……….first scoop and its orgasmic….. a super feeling runs through you from the very tip of your taste buds and circulates all over you…. goose pimples popping out like the buttons of Norbit trying to fit into a medium sized shirt. Then you go in for scoop two and three and four and five…( Side note: Already feeling grabbing my strawberry and Vanilla ice cream sundae from the freezer 🙂 ) well back to reality or not. Gradually scooping becomes easy as the once frozen hard cream begin to loosen up and gives way to another level of pleasure (tingling sensation) in your teeth for ice cream and your upper thorax for relationships.

Going at the ice cream bucket on and on, and after a while you finally begin to lose interest, the ice cream is melted and you can either choose to put it back in the freezer to harden up or you could decide to keep going working hard at it…….. after a while you can not wait to be done with the bowl of ice cream and sometimes even when you are not done, you hit rock hard bottom of the bowl….. and you know soon this experience would come to an end…… and then its back to the ‘ice cream bowl and dirty dancing’.

PS: This is not meant to inspire anybody in anyway…. if you find inspiration fine but if not… I just needed to get something off my chest……i know this can be better written!

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5 thoughts on “Ice-Cream and Reationships

  1. I like your opinion. But i have my own opinion. The comparison is close but maybe not all relationships are like icecreams, maybe some are like bitter leaves or basically, i think we can all get tired or what not…we (hopeless romantics)would believe there is always a way to work things out if we really want it to work…while realists (or others)would rather give it up. This doesnt mean anyone of us is doing the right or wrong thing…its just how we are..


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