Starting my own blog has been for me in the last five years the biggest challenge I can say I have encountered. Being that I once blogged regularly…… ‘when the word blog was not yet a verb and also a symbol of social status’ well I had a blog ** check it out to verify my story.

Yeah back to my story… I can confidently say the period between then and now has been a dire time of soul searching, goal finding, brain racking and whatever other words you could find to qualify a ‘dark time of writers block’. I basically questioned my capacity as a writer and whether or not I was capable of contributing to the world of literary prowess already saturated with all sorts of literature ranging from world class – best selling master pieces to plain ass rubbish (pardon my french).

I had sampled various blogs, evaluated several write ups critiqued and contributed all in the bid to find inspiration to go back to my notepad and just scribble the least bit down… however I couldn’t seem to find the writer in me, for some reason he had fizzled away into Hades’ pit of no return….Yes I hear you…. ‘5 years? that’s an awful long time to have a writers block – maybe I was never a writer, maybe I was just a wannabe who thought he had some message. Whatever it was I can only say I was lost but now I am found.

You ask what exactly was responsible for my literary resurrection from Hades’ pit… well I really can’t say, but I guess I decided to take my own advice and start somewhere…. I had spoken at several events and motivated people with the words ‘start with what you have and where you are’ and I had completely ignored applying that to my own challenge. I figured after all I write everyday.. whether it be my coursework in Uni or a simple text on my smartphone, I still write…. whether it contributes or not at least I put words down somehow; however I can channel this mundane write ups and actually seek to find the writer within and guess what I found him or her I don’t know its Gender! ha-ha  *Sike*!!  him of course. Also I recently stumbled on a rather inspiring blog that sort of sparked in me an inner fire check her out, she’s new too but very inspiring. Her vocabulary control and feminist philosophies reminded of me of what I was capable of.

However one major disclaimer: I don’t intend to bare my entire life here… but I’ll share my thoughts, my opinions, some of my life experiences however random…I sincerely hope someone, somehow would find some sort of inspiration from it. Watch this space……. I AM IBUKUN ADEBAYO and I am a Blogger!!


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